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Do you know that toenails and fingernails are made of a tough protective protein called keratin?

About Foot Healthcare

As part of good foot health care feet should be kept clean with a hygiene routine that includes washing and regular change of hosiery. TOENAILS INC. offers a foot washing service for those who have difficulty in this respect. Foot health care and regular toenail cutting is important for everyone. Diabetics are at especially risk of infection if hygiene and toenail cutting and filing are neglected.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Regular toenail cutting and filing will help to prevent ingrowing toenails, which in turn will prevent infection through the nails piercing skin. Toenails that have thickened and have the look of a Ram's Horn (Onychogryphosis) can be reduced with a drill (this is not painful). Toenail filing will prevent snagging of the nails on materials such a your socks.

What Benefits can be Expected?

The options available until now have been that people:

• Try to cut their toenails themselves and make a painful and inadequate job of it;

• Ask someone such as a family member, a friend or neighbour to do this for them (which can be embarrassing, can make them feel they are a nuisance or simply that there’s no-one available to do it for them); or

• Have to engage the services of a private podiatrist/chiropodist (which is usually more costly);

• Or worst of all toenails simply don’t get cut.

TOENAILS INC. can solve all of these issues at a date, time, location, and frequency to suit you!

The benefits of regular toenail cutting is to prevent painful feet through in-growing toenails and infections. Uncut toenails can, especially in the elderly, lead to wearing shoes that don't fit, so they don't walk properly and/or wear sloppy slippers and fall.

When toenails are too long it can make it difficult to get shoes on properly to go out shopping, this can impact on eating properly, especially in the elderly, this in turn can lead to them becoming lonely and depressed because they can't get their shoes on or can't get out of the house because it's too painful to walk.

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